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What are our Voice Solutions?

At Mtrack Solutions we offer best in class Interactive Voice Response (IVR) Solutions. An automated web based telephony system that interacts with callers, gathers information and routes calls to the appropriate recipients, all without the need for expensive and dated physical systems.


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IVR Solutions include

  • Hosted Telephony

    We host communications devices and applications so that customers using these services do not need install software or buy hardware to get started.

  • Call Center

    Our 24 hours, 7 days a week Call Center Services provides you with quality customer care and support. Our well-trained team and well-equipped center ensures complete customer satisfaction.

  • Virtual Phones

    Work from anywhere. Don’t be tied to a desk for that important phone call. Calls are instantly routed to your mobile phone and voicemails delivered to your inbox as an MP3.

  • Bulk Voice

    We offer this as a tool for marketing and promoting your business. It is an automated voice call with a pre-recorded message that is sent out to customers simultaneously.

  • Toll Free Numbers

    We offer telephone numbers with special area codes that can be dialled with no charge to the person placing the call.

  • VoIP Capabilities

    Use our SIP endpoints to make and receive calls on your browser. This lowers your infrastructure costs significantly.

Use Cases

Our wide range of voice services can be used in a variety of ways.

  • Call Center

    You can choose to build your own call center running on our innovative platform or outsource your needs to our well equipped, always manned and customer oriented call center.

  • Voice Marketing

    Simultaneously reach out to hundreds if not thousands of your customers and play them a pre-recorded voice messages. This is perfect for marketing/promotional campaigns.

  • IVR

    Make it easier for your callers to more efficiently get the help they need through voice prompts. Used mostly in customer service to choose language, to speak to an agent, etc.

  • Branch Management

    Leverage on our platform to make it easier for your customers to reach their branch through voice prompts and easy to remember sequential numbers.

  • Premium Services

    Monetise services that run on voice using our Premium Rated numbers. Services such as interactive dating or marketing audio content can enhanced by taking advantage of voice.

Stop wasting time and money on dated voice technology. Let’s get started

Mtrack Solutions offered us an innovative voice solution for our call center and office operations. They managed to get it up and running in record time and offered us easy to remember phone numbers.
Evans Gicho, COO, Ekabet
Pricing and Plan

1 flat fee for all our services. No hidden surprises!

Phone Numbers

We offer a range of telephone numbers to choose from.
Starting at KES 5,000 / one off
Price package will depend on
  • Regular Number
  • KES 5,000 set up fee. KES 1,000 per month
  • Toll Free Number
  • KES 20,000 set up fee. KES 15,000 per month
  • Premium Rated Numbers
  • KES 20,000 set up fee. KES 15,000 per month

Local Call Charges

SMS Credits translate to one SMS per credit.
KES 1 / minute
for SIP Outgoing Calls
  • SIP Incoming KES 1 / minute
  • Regular Incoming KES 1 / minute
  • Toll Free Incoming KES 1 / minute
  • SIP Outgoing KES 1 / minute
  • Regular Outgoing KES 5 / minute